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How to use your unsubscribe page to win back subscribers

How to use your unsubscribe page to win back subscribers
How to use your unsubscribe page to win back subscribers

Your unsubscribe page is the last thing a reader will see on their way out the door. It's also your last chance to convince them to stick around. Here, we'll cover strategies you can use to optimize your unsubscribe page.

Elements of a high converting unsubscribe page

  1. Branding
  2. Appealing title
  3. Small body
  4. CTA(subscribe button)
  5. X Element

Here's an sample unsubscribe page which covers the basics.

Sample Unsubscribe Page
Sample Unsubscribe Page


Brand value matters. You may be able to remind the reader why they subscribed in the first place. Make sure your unsubscribe page includes your logo. It just might jog their memory.

Title or Headline

Your headline should be short, simple and attention grabbing. Here are some examples.

  1. Please, don't break up
  2. Here's what you'll miss
  3. It's not the same without you (used by PUMA)
  4. Can we give it a last chance?

A good headline is one that creates a personal connection, and creates a sense of "fear of missing out."


Keep it short and sweet, since the reader has already clicked unsubscribe. But, make an argument about the value your newsletter provides. List a few bullet points of what you cover every week, and why the reader will be missing out.

Call to action

Call to action or CTA is your only way to reverse the unsubscribed contact. This should be the main feature of your unsubscribe page.

An effective CTA should:

  1. Have compelling copy
  2. Be placed prominently on the page
  3. The colors should be contrasting
  4. The text should be precise and specific

An incentive

Think of offering an incentive to your reader for re-subscribing. Can you offer a price discount? Can you offer an invite to a paid, members only event? Can you offer a free e-book, or a free class? Re-incentivizing an existing subscriber is often cheaper than acquiring a new one.

A Few Examples

Email Monks Unsubscribe Page
Email Monks Unsubscribe Page

This unsubscribe page is from Email Monks (now known as Uplers Email). One unique element is that this page allows readers to completely or partially unsubscribe from their newsletter.

PUMA Unsubscribe Page
PUMA Unsubscribe Page

This unsubscribe page from PUMA offers a link to rejoin.

The important points

  1. Your headline should be extremely attention grabbing.
  2. Try to add emotions to your copy, it goes long way.
  3. Sprinkle some humor into your page, either by words or graphics.
  4. Your call to action should be very clear, highlighted and strategically located.

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