The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Newsletter Directories

The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Newsletter Directories
The Ultimate 2021 Guide To Newsletter Directories

Discovering up-and-coming newsletters can be difficult. Newsletter directories are popping up to solve this problem. Pitching your newsletter to directories can be a great way to increase awareness for your work. Here is the complete guide to navigating newsletter directories. First, we'll start with the perks of listing your newsletter in a directory.


When you submit your newsletter to a directory you'll receive SEO in the form of a backlink. What does that mean? Google places the sites with the most backlinks at the top of search results. It can take months to build sufficient backlinks to rank for popular search phrases. Earning a listing in two or three directories can be an SEO shortcut.

Social Sharing

Most newsletter directories have multiple social media accounts and are incentivized to share the newsletters they list. Newsletter directories also provide tools for their readers to share, compounding the effect.

Passive Growth

One of the most interesting benefits of submitting your newsletter to a directory is the passive growth you'll receive. Do the work of submitting your newsletter once, get passive subscribe growth forever. Every weekly you'll slowly grow from this channel without needing to think twice.

Nick Frost from and InboxStash says to expect about 10-20 new subscribers the first week you submit to a newsletter directory. So where do you submit?

Complete List of Newsletter Directories

Some directories are specifically created to help writers find sponsors. Check these out.

Some directories work more like aggregators. Check these out.

We recommend everyone submit their newsletter to every newsletter directory listed in this guide. It'll take at most a few hours but you'll receive massive benefits. Nick Frost from and InboxStash strongly agrees as well.

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