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Two Secrets to Increasing Newsletter Readers - that no one is talking about

Two Secrets to Increasing Newsletter Readers - that no one is talking about
Two Secrets to Increasing Newsletter Readers - that no one is talking about

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just write a blog post and “poof”, like magic your newsletter was in front of 100% of your subscribers. You're ecstatic because all that hard work writing that amazing article is now being enjoyed by your readers.

Well guess what - this isn’t a fantasy. There are features several email service providers, such as AWeber, have available that help improve your chances of getting your content read. And the best part is they are quick and easy to implement.

I’m talking about web push notifications and RSS Newsletter Feed. So, what are they and how can you benefit from these amazing features?

What is RSS Feed?

An RSS Feed stands for “Really Simple Syndication”, it’s a process of taking content from an RSS feed and automatically delivering it to subscribers in the form of an email.

And, as the name suggests, it is “really simple”. And the best part with RSS feeds is that you can set up a recurring newsletter to be sent monthly, weekly, or even daily.

Think of the time you’d save setting up the email newsletter alone. What would you do with that extra time? Most likely write more content - because that’s what we love to do.

How to set up an RSS Feed?

Watch how Jay from AWeber finds and sets up his RSS feed

What are web push notifications?  

Web push notifications are a real-time way to engage people with your content. Think of them as triggered alerts for web browsing.  When a subscriber is browsing online, they can receive an offer or message in real time. So your subscribers can be reading your article just minutes after you publish a new piece of content.

Web push notification subscribers do not need to be in their email or on your website to receive the notification — they just need to be online. This gives you another way to reach your audience where they are and talk to them about what they’re most interested in. 

There are tons of benefits to incorporating web push notifications. Not only do web push notifications allow subscribers to opt-in to receive notifications with ease, they’re also great at increasing traffic to your website.  Plus, they typically receive higher delivery rates and click-through rates than any other channel. 

How to set up Web Push Notifications?

Setting up web push notifications is a pretty easy process. It requires a unique snippet to be added to your website. That’s it. The rest of the set up is done directly in platform you decide to use.

Watch Jay from AWeber set up a Web Push Notification in under 5 minutes:

Taking your newsletter to the next level

Writing your newsletter is only half the battle, ensuring that it gets seen is just as important. Because what’s the point of writing a newsletter if nobody can read your amazing content.

Implement these two strategies to get more of your subscribers consuming your content.

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