Writing Simply and Authentically with Kelsey Weekman

Writing Simply and Authentically with Kelsey Weekman
Writing Simply and Authentically with Kelsey Weekman

Kelsey Weekman is an NYC based digital culture journalist specializing in internet trends, Tik Tok, and influencers. She is a Writer and Editor of Yahoo's Gen Z vertical In The Know, and publishes her own newsletter Okay Zoomer about online youth culture.

Here, Kelsey briefly chats with us about how she got started with Okay Zoomer and a snapshot of her writing process.

On V1 of her newsletter

"My newsletter evolved from an independent study on newsletters I was doing in journalism school as an excuse to get class credit for checking my email. It was a content roundup newsletter called 'Keeping Up with the Content.' I realized, then, that my scope was waaaaaaay too broad — there was no way to keep up with *all* the content across the internet! As my beat morphed into internet culture and Gen Z trends, so did my newsletter, and OK Zoomer was born."

Kelsey's writing process

How do you decide what to write about?

I have roughly 100 unwritten ideas for my newsletter and counting. Ideas are ever-present for me. I always end up writing whatever is actually trending when the next Monday rolls around. Timeliness cuts down on indecision a lot in my life.

How do you edit yourself?

I edit myself very casually. I always make sure to tell myself that this is a side project that's mostly for me. As long as it is readable and written in plain English, who cares if I go down a rabbit hole or creatively use commas. It's the writing equivalent to a casual hangout with friends.

What is the best writing advice you've ever been given?

Write. That's it. You have to do the actual work. If it sucks, who cares? You'll fix it later, or you can dump it and move on. Your words are doing nothing just floating around in your head. Get em down on paper.

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