About this survey

Until now the mechanics and metrics of newsletters have been buried into broader marketing reporting. However, the newsletter space is fast becoming an industry in itself. Thousands of writers like you are ready to monetize but lack the relevant benchmarks and rigorous insights that can inform your pricing and sponsorship strategy. This survey will change that.

Why we’re doing this

To shift culture

In other areas of the creator ecosystem, conversations about money were not happening often and openly enough. Things don't have to stay the same for newsletters. We want to bring greater transparency across the newsletter industry and democratise access to this game-changing data.

To empower newsletter creators

We are aiming to empower you to benchmark your ad pricing and discover different sponsor strategies that the newsletter creators have tried, succeeded with, and learned from.

What you'll receive

An in-depth report

Using the data that you confidentially share with us, we are producing a flagship report that will map ad pricing trends across the industry. In the report we will also analyse different sponsorship strategies with commentary from thoughtleaders in the newsletter ecosystem.

An exclusive invitation to join Newsletter Crew

To show our thanks for completing the survey, we'll invite you to become a Founding Member. You'll enjoy a $25 monthly discount whilst accessing all the usual benefits of Newsletter Crew.

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